Keyless Bush

A keyless bushing does not rely on the key to transmit torque but instead utilizes the entire circumference of the shaft for more efficient performance with no backlash. Further, it offers flexible and easy installation thus providing exceptional holding power capacity. The Keyless Bushing is a perfect example of providing a competitive edge for machine design and functionality. Keyless Bushings Manufacturers ensure that the components are securely mounted and accurately positioned on a shaft within a matter of seconds thus doing away with the need for a keyway, tapers, tapped holes etc. all together. Exceptionally designed, a keyless bushing provides a continuous component of mounting or removal, reduced assembly time besides decreased maintenance costs.

Leading Keyless Bushings Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

UMA Engineering is one of the leading keyless shaft bushing manufacturing companies of India. We use only the highest quality of raw material to produce a premium quality product, which duly matches all the quality standards laid down by the regulatory bodies.

Keyless shaft bushings can ensure secure connections between the hub and the shafts thus efficiently reducing any sort of stress and wearing of the mounted components. Since surface pressure is used to maintain the positioning, keyways are not required; this ultimately prevents corrosions, backlash or fretting.

Applications of Keyless Bushing

The Keyless Bushing can be put to use in the following applications

  • Gears
  • Cams
  • Timing pulleys
  • Conveyor rolls
  • Propeller fan hubs
  • Grinding wheels
  • Use keyless bushings to effortlessly mount all kinds of components

Benefits of Keyless Bushings

  • Prevents corrosions normally associated with keyed mountings
  • Single locking nut feature
  • Doubles up as mechanical shrink fit
  • Can be installed over damaged/worn out keyways
  • Quick and easy component synchronization or positioning.
  • Removes the requirement to hold the shaft or block equipment during application of installation torque.

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